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Freshly ground corn and wheat flours and corn meals.


Grassfed, all-natural beef and pork raised on the farm. Grab some burgers for your grill or a steak to celebrate.


Try our newest product! Our colby and cheddar variety artisan cheeses are perfect for your next pizza or wine night!

The Story - Brown Cow Creamery

Owners Kevin and Laurie Savage both grew up on dairy farms, where the black-and-white Holstein reigned supreme. Kevin grew up in Montgomery County and Laurie in Frederick County. In 1982, Laurie received her first little brown Jersey calf, a gift purchased by her father that was to be her first 4-H cow project. Fast forward to 1997, the year Kevin and Laurie married, when the hooves of the first brown cows hit the ground running on what is the current farm in Dickerson. When Catherine and James came along, they both developed a love for the brown cow as well. James added the red-and-white Ayrshire and some beef cattle to the mix and has his own landscaping business. Catherine went on to win the National Jersey Youth Achievement Contest and serves as a local 4-H Extension agent. In 2022, we realized our goal of turning milk from our cows into cheese for the local community. Naming our creamery Brown Cow Creamery was a natural fit.

Today, our family is a conscientious keeper of our land, and we strive to keep the land clean for future generations. Our cows are grassfed. Our grain is used by a local distiller, who returns and recycles the grain byproducts for the cows to also consume in their diet. We are active participants in the Million Acre Challenge, a program with the goal of achieving one million agricultural acres in Maryland using healthy soil techniques by 2030, and employ a nutrient management plan to oversee the application of nutrients to our acreage. The farm proudly donates product to local food banks via Manna Food Center and also participates in the Farm to Food Bank program. Welcome to our herd!



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